Hiring a Campervan for a Trip along an Outback Track

The route you choose to take affects your choice of a campervan when you visit the Outback of Australia. If you are a true adventurer, then you need to make sure your campervan offers such features as four-wheel drive, especially if you plan to navigate an off-road course. One of the iconic tracks in this respect is the Birdsville Track, a travel route that spans 517 km from Marree to Birdsville. A drive over this route takes you across a harsh and remote landscape.

A Desert Oasis

Despite the extremely dry atmosphere, the land adjacent to the track is good for raising cattle. A rare rain and flooding from the north can transform the sunburnt land into a spring – a basin that enables cattle to survive during spells of drought. If you take this remote course, you will be surrounded by a desert landscape, including the Tiari and Sturt’s Stony deserts in the central and southern part and the Strzelecki and Simpson deserts to the north.

Hiring a Campervan

Whilst you may think your efforts to hire a campervan may lead to boredom or fatigue, you will find that such a trip is anything but mundane. Although you may come across featureless stretches of land, sand dunes and creek beds will greet you as well. Marree is about 650 km north of the city of Adelaide, and Birdsville is approximately 1,583 km due west of Brisbane.

Large pebbles or gibbers cover the Birdsville Track, although dune crossings present no problems for drivers. You will want to make sure your campervan is a four-wheel drive to manage and navigate over the precipitous trail. This particular track is historical as it was first established in the 1860s.

A Review of the Track’s History

At one time, the Birdsville Track served as the primary stock route for ushering cattle from the centre of Queensland to the Marree railway. In those days, the track had a formidable reputation, as both people and cattle died along the trail. Because of a dearth of surface water, the government created artesian bores along the route. In turn, fewer animals and people suffered fatalities. In early times, crossing the Natterannie sand hills along the track was difficult. However, the dunes have been clay-capped and do not cause any issues presently.

You do not want to plan this kind of travel without hiring the right campervan. Discuss your travel plans with the campervan dealer to make sure you are on the right course for a choice in a vehicle. The vans today are both luxurious and well-equipped, so choosing the right van is not difficult.

When you choose the right van, you can enjoy such sites as the Cannuwaukaninna Bore. This bore is the easiest bore to access along the Birdsville Track. However, you need to be careful, as the water that pours out of the artesian spring is practically near the boiling point. This spot is also good for picnicking and watching birds. You will be glad you stopped at this point if you are an avian enthusiast.