Fancy renting your own PRIVATE ISLAND for just £113?

DID you know Airbnb don’t just offer apartments and houses..

If you can’t face fighting with fellow tourists over the sun loungers or battling for a spot of sand of the beach, why not try a holiday spot that’s a little more secluded?

Aside from spacious apartments and lavish houses, rental property site Airbnb also offer private islands for you to rent.

And whilst you may think that sort of holiday is only affordable for the A listers, some of the luxury spots are available for as little as £113 a night.For a more bargain getaway, why not hire a cottage on a private island in Ottawa, Canada?

It sleeps six guests and is just £113 per night.

Guests can try canoeing, kayaking, sailing, boating in the surrounding waters.

Or if you fancy something a little more lavish, why not push the boat out with this private island in Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean?

Lap up the sunshine on the sand or try your hand at scuba diving and deep sea fishing.

The managers and staff on the island are on hand to help with your every need, including massages.

And they will prepare three tasty meals a day.

Would YOU like to stay on any of these islands?